Welcome to Heppner

Heppner, Oregon is one of the gems of Oregon. A place where you enter as a stranger and leave as a friend.

Nestled in a narrow valley, the city of Heppner is known as the Gateway to the Blues and is just 50 miles south of the magnificent Columbia River.

Highway 74 leaves Interstate 84 and makes its way through Ione and Lexington before cutting its way through downtown Heppner. Beyond Heppner rolling hills surround Heppner as they rise to meet the Blue Mountains. From Heppner Highway 74 continues on to the cities of Ukiah and La Grande, meandering over the Blue Mountains, earning Heppner the name “Gateway to the Blues”. Canyons, rivers, farms and ranches add to the picturesque drive along what is also known as the Blue Mountain Scenic Byway and the Blue Mountain Century Scenic Bikeway.

Heppner is becoming known for the local food scene. From pizza, to burgers, bbq pulled pork, tacos and even elephant ears, Heppner is the place to treat your taste buds….you will not be disappointed.

The Morrow County Museum is well-known for its amazing exhibits that tell the story of Heppner and Morrow County. The Talking Rocks of Heppner offer a walking tour the tells of Heppner’s history and heritage.

Heppner is not without tragedy. In 1903 a massive flood swept through town, leaving death and destruction in its path.

Please come and #DiscoverHeppner for yourself. From the food to the people, the history and heritage, Heppner offers visitors a peek into the past and hope for the future.  

For information about the Heppner Safe Routes to School Plan to to https://odotsrts.altaplanning.cloud/#/survey or visit our Facebook Page.


The City Business link above will take you to links for the City Council page, City Code pages, Consumer Confidence Reports, Commission Meetings information and the Heppner Zoning Map.

Discover Heppner’s History