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Public Records Request

Oregon Public Records Law (ORS 192.311 – 192.478,) gives members of the Public the right to inspect and copy public records that are not otherwise exempt from public disclosure.  It is the policy of the City of Heppner to respond to public records requests in an orderly, consistent, and reasonable manner in accordance with Oregon Public Records Law. 

All public records requests must identify the public records requested and be submitted in writing and directed to:

                        City of Heppner

                        Attn: Public Record Custodian

                        PO Box 756

                        Heppner, OR 97836-0756

            Or submitted electronically to:


 Note:  Requests to create a new record are not public records requests.  The City of Heppner is not obligated under the Oregon Public Records

 “Public record” includes any writing that contains information relating to the conduct of the public’s business, including but not limited to court records, mortgages, and deed records, prepared, owned, used or retained by a public body regardless of physical form or characteristics.  (b) “Public record” does not include any writing that does not relate to the conduct of the public’s business and that is contained on a privately owned computer.

Public Record Request Form